Mike Trout hit a gosh darn baseball to gosh darn Neptune

Just a day after fellow superstar Bryce Harper hit a gosh darn baseball to gosh darn Jupiter, Mike Trout played a game of one-up and launched it even further into the Milky Way.

The home run was good for Trout’s 16th on the year and now leads MLB, just one dinger in front of both Aaron Judge and Harper. It tallied the Angels a run in a game they lead the Marlins 2-1.

One thing to keep in mind: The Fireflies host the 2017 South Atlantic League All-Star Game on June 20, and the starters for that game are elected by the fans, coaches, team executives and media members. Tebow has been drawing huge crowds, both in Columbia and on the road.

You know he’s going to receive the lion’s share of the fan vote, and maybe that gets him into the game. And if he gets into the game, you can bet the Fireflies will do everything possible to get Tebow into the Home-Run Derby on June 19.

If the Mets want him in Double-A next, he’ll be in Double-A next.

And at that point, who knows? From a baseball standpoint, it’s thoroughly impossible to believe Tebow will be ready to play in the major leagues this season, but maybe the Mets make him a September call-up anyway. Unless there’s a massive turnaround — the Mets are 18-24 — those games won’t mean much, and who would truly be shocked if they call up Tebow, especially if he pops a couple home runs in Double-A?

Outraged or annoyed or indignant? Sure, maybe. But not shocked.

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