Watch: Reds’ Joey Votto burns heckler while on deck

Why that’s surprising: Be honest now. How many of you said Who? a moment ago? Schebler is a former 26th-round pick by the Dodgers who wound up in Cincinnati as part of the three-team trade that shipped Todd Frazier out of Great American Ball Park.

His career ERA heading into this season was 4.09, with a career-best of 3.24, in 2013. It’s 1.75 this year. His career hits allowed per nine innings heading into this season was 8.7, with a career-best of 8.0 way back in 2006. It’s 4.2 this year. And the two shutouts in 11 starts this year? He had exactly two shutouts in his previous 163 starts dating to 2011 heading into this season. Of course, he’s not going to keep this up, but it’s been fun to watch.

Don’t mess with Joey Votto when he’s in game mode.

The Reds first baseman was on deck Monday night against the Indians, and one Cleveland fan was trying to get under Votto’s skin.

I remember when you used to be good, the fan yelled at Votto, who was waiting out the commercial break between innings.

I remember when you used to be thin, Votto snapped back.

I got something to lose, and you guys don’t even have a life, so you’ve got nothing to lose at all. Votto said while acknowledging the recording.

Woof ’ that burn might need some aloe, especially since Votto hit a double during that at-bat.

Either way, it’s unclear why the Indians fan kept saying Votto used to be good. He entered Wednesday slashing .300/.422/.600 with 12 home runs and 38 RBIs this season.

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