Mets are very sorry Mr. Met is flipping off their fans

A Mets fan tweeted the following video after a 7-1 loss to the Brewers Wednesday night. Mr. Met wasn’t feeling too hot after the game.

You mash that ball out of the dang yard.

Harrison here blasts the ball into left center of TD Ameritrade Park in Omaha, an area of the field that plays famously long. However, the wind is blowing out to direct center on Monday night, and that has something to do with the carry on this hit.

Anyway, Harrison goes down in history as having hit THE FIRST GRAND SLAM IN THE NEW TD AMERITRADE BALLPARK. That’s some fancy polish on what is a momentous slam against a formidable opponent. Mercy.

This was all before the Beavs dropped another three runs on the Tigers in the top of the seventh, so it’s safe to say that LSU is shook. That flurry ended Newman’s night, as LSU then brought in Matthew Beck to help stem the tide.

At least the Tigers can fall back on football or something. Oregon State held a commanding lead after the top of the seventh, 11-0.

But we’re ahead of ourselves. The real story is that Ernie Shore, typically a starter and a pretty good one, came in unexpectedly and retired the next 27 batters. While it would have been temporally impossible for him to quote Clerks throughout the whole game, he probably did. And he thrived in a way that most pitchers will never thrive.

The Red Sox and Senators were playing the first game of a doubleheader, too. Both games were finished in 3:40, which was shorter than the White Sox/Tigers game from last Sunday, in case you were wondering.

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