Texas A&M and Davidson played the longest super regional Game 1 in NCAA baseball tournament history

Texas A&M and Davidson just polished of a gem of a baseball game in their opening bout of the College Station super regional tilt, and in the process they set an NCAA baseball tournament record. THEY PLAYED 15 INNINGS, THE LONGEST OPENING SUPER REGIONAL GAME EVER.

Texas A&M beat Davidson, 7-6, but that’s of only secondary concern here.

Davidson danced around the Aggies’ pitching staff in the early proceedings, going scoreless through the first five innings before exploding for five runs in the sixth and seventh. A&M couldn’t find the plate through the rest of regulation and the Wildcats scored a run in the top of the ninth to tie it up at six-all, before holding on through the bottom of the frame to send the game to extras.

Let’s turn our attention to Smith over on third, who sprinted his way home to apparently score LSU’s tying run of the game. Had Slaughter not caused such a violent collision at second, Smith’s run would have counted. However, with Slaughter’s base running interference, Smith’s advancement no longer fell under the force out umbrella, and he had to stay where he was.

So Slaughter’s interference at second quite literally wiped the tying run off the board for LSU. That can’t be any kind of a good feeling for the Tigers, who were clearly displeased with this unfortunate series of events.

That’s tough cookies for Tigers fans, who have no one to blame but Jake Slaughter. Without the interference call, that force out penalty does not come to bear. In any case, LSU certainly wants this one back, because if they lose, that’s the season.

Florida leads 2-1 in the bottom of the eighth.

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