Cal State Fullerton outfielder makes tremendous catch while slamming into the wall

Oregon State has made a storming comeback to get on top of Cal State Fullerton in the early game of the College World Series’ opening day. The Titans led 5-1 for much of the first half, but the Beavers chipped away and took a 6-5 lead in the bottom of the eighth.

It appears he doesn’t even glove the ball cleanly before firing off a hasty throw to first that bounces some five feet in front of first baseman Nick Coomes, who can’t keep his right foot on the bag trying to scoop the ball in time. This is all a disaster.

To make matters worse, two Beavers runners crossed shortly after this debacle, when Trevor Larnach singled to center, scoring Madrigal and KJ Harrison. Suddenly the Beavers were on top of LSU, 3-0. How did they find themselves in scoring position? A wild pitch from Gilbert.

That ended Gilbert’s outing right there, who was spelled by Nick Bush. Some kind of funk seemed to permeate LSU’s pitchers, because immediately upon taking the hill, Bush was having trouble collecting throws from his catcher.

Bush walked a batter then struck out the next, and LSU was mercifully out of the inning. But the damage had been done: Oregon State leads, 3-0, in the bottom of the fifth.

The two teams to survive the first round in Omaha will play a best-of-three series next weekend. Last year’s finalists, Arizona and Coastal Carolina the latter of which failed to make this year’s tournament after winning it all in 2016 required all three games to decide the winner, and Game 3 had to be postponed to a midday Thursday affair because dangerous weather ripped through northeastern Nebraska on the originally scheduled Wednesday night.

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