Yasiel Puig gave someone double middle fingers after hitting home run

Yasiel Puig hit a home run. Then he added a gesture at the end of it, but it wasn’t a thumbs up.

Puig gave someone the ol’ double bird as he ran to first base. But who is Puig flipping off? He could be flipping off in the direction of the fans in Cleveland, which is not a good look. But it also looks like he’s directing his middle fingers towards the Indians’ opposing dugout. He could be telling that to one of this teammates jokingly.

Puig later told reporters he flipped off a person in the stands who was heckling him before he hit the home run.

Yasiel Puig said he was getting heckled. I reacted that way, he said. I stooped to their level.

This is a long shot, but could Yasiel Puig be Mr. Met? Mr. Met recently flipped off someone himself. Actually, no, that wouldn’t work. Puig has more fingers than the Mets mascot.

It used to be that teams that picked high in the first round while they were enjoying a surprising contending season at the major league level would consider college relievers with their first-rounders, with the hopes that they would get some immediate help to the big-league roster.

That was a weird trend, and it’s gone for a reason. The Diamondbacks didn’t do anything unusual here, instead opting for a consensus high pick, who was regularly projected to go around here in several mock drafts. The talent is undeniable, and the Diamondbacks will hope they can mold it into an All-Star.

Like I wrote up there, there are a lot of high school catchers who were drafted and moved immediately. They were the best athletes on their team, but the scouts didn’t like them behind the plate long term. Murray was one of those.

He was also one of the most exciting prospects of the ’70s. He was drafted as a 17-year-old, and he didn’t stop hitting until he was 40, reaching the majors when he was 21, and methodically swatting his way to 500 homers. He was a fine first baseman.

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