Oklahoma softball star Paige Parker pitches so hard she blew away Royals players

Good luck catching Paige Parker’s pitches not even the professionals could do it.

Parker, a star softball player at the University of Oklahoma, got the chance to throw out the first pitch at a Kansas City Royals game last week two weeks after the Sooners won the national championship for the second year is a row. But before she even made it to the mound, she was blowing away Royals players with her incredible arm:

Some of their reactions were really cool, so that’s something I won’t ever forget, Parker said in a story on the University of Oklahoma’s website. They were pretty shocked about how much my ball moved. I think they were especially fascinated by my rise ball because they never see that.

Until now, the masked hero’s identity was largely a secret. All we knew about The Freeze was his super speed, his fly outfit, and his ability to easily beat any competitor in a race around the outfield.

But wonder no more the man behind the mask has been revealed. According to The Washington Post, the mysterious hero is a 26-year-old track athlete and member of the Braves ground crew named Nigel Talton. He first donned the superhero getup this year when the Braves saw his speed in another between-innings race and decided to make him the star of a new one built around his speed.

That game became Beat the Freeze, and The Freeze became a star.

When the supersuit goes on, Nigel Talton turns into … The Freeze. But the rest of the time, he’s living the normal side of his dual life as a school security guard and track student-athlete at Kennesaw State. While Talton is a busy guy, we’re lucky that he has time to be a hero even if only between innings.

And for now, he looks invincible.

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