Minnesota Twins celebrate Prince Night with a ‘Purple Rain’ umbrella

The Minnesota Twins held a Prince night in honor of the late pop star on Friday. The team went all in and wore purple shirts during batting practice. But more importantly, their giveaway against the Cleveland Indians was a purple umbrella.

When you open the umbrella, it reveals the Purple Rain artwork. I am very jealous of those who got this. Whenever it rains and their day is just a little sour, they can open this up and see that an iconic album cover is protecting them.

The game wasn’t even half over and a few fans who were lucky enough to get their hands on one of these umbrellas were already selling them on eBay. They’re not cheap.

While it’s not a cheap umbrella if you’re buying it on the secondary market, it doesn’t take away from how astounding this piece of ballpark memorabilia is.

We’ve come a long way from Moneyball, when Michael Lewis spent more time explaining what was wrong with Prince Fielder than what was right. The stigma of drafting high schoolers is dead. Nobody misses it.

So none of that ancient history has anything to do with what the A’s did here, which is get the best player available, give or take. You know there were internal debates about whether they should go with a pitcher or a hitter here, but it’s obvious which faction won, and we’ll know in a couple of years if they chose wisely. Unless we get a fun performance in the NY-Penn League to whet our appetites before then, which is certainly possible.

He’s hitting .216/.298/.351, which is pretty bad, but he’s still a nuclear-powered defender, and it’s not like his peak was MVP-caliber hitting, either. One hot streak will get his numbers back where they were, and one of these years, he’ll clamber up to the next tier and join the pantheon of Super Young and Great Cubs All-Stars to make you even more covetous than you already are.

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