Brooklyn seemingly got better value with Davis, one of the league’s top backup bigs during his three years in Portland.

In his one full season, he played in 40 games but averaged only 2.2 points. More than a decade after he was drafted, King told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer he knew the Sonics’ orthopedic surgeon better than he knew coach George Karl. King lasted four years with the Sonics but spent a lot of that time recovering from one of his many surgeries. By the time he finished his career after a brief attempt to play in the CBA, he had gone through six operations.

Other unproductive 14s: Yinka Dare, New Jersey Nets, 1994; Mateen Cleaves, Detroit Pistons, 2000; Alfrederick Hughes, San Antonio Spurs, 1985; Cameron Payne, Oklahoma City Thunder, 2015.

The Nets agreed to a pair of deals early Sunday morning that they should be able to sign after using their cap space to complete the trade with the Charlotte Hornets that they agreed to ahead of the NBA draft.

This does not mean the Grizzlies won’t take Bamba, or even take him and subsequently trade him, but usually if a player tells a team not to take him, said team will oblige.

Just last season the Celtics passed on Kansas forward Josh Jackson because he did not meet with Boston in the days leading up to the draft.

There are just three days to go until the NBA Draft, and there is still much unsettled.

We know a few things: There are some desperate teams with picks at the top of lottery, and there is a top-heavy group of prospects available for those teams. But as we have seen in past drafts, much can go wrong, even when you’re picking among so-called sure things.

Heading into these final pre-draft days, we took a look at the 13 players, coaches, front-office executives and other groups who are going into this draft with more at stake than usual…

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