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Rare pair: Wisconsin high school wide receiver teammates share draft dream

Rare pair: Wisconsin high school wide receiver teammates share draft dream More If someone dares you to name a wide receiver born in this state over the past 50 years who has had more than a middling career in the NFL, don’t take the bet.

Then in 2017, a group of four former cheerleaders from the San Francisco 49ers and the Oakland Raider filed a class action lawsuit against the NFL, claiming the league conspired to pay them low wages and to keep them from negotiating their pay. However, a judge dismissed the suit. With Davis’ federal claim against the NFL freshly filed, the spotlight is once again on the unfair and harmful policies professional cheerleaders endure on the job. Though she says she’s not getting support from her former teammates on the Saintsations, she plans to press on and try to make a change.

In her interview, she echoes a double-standard that professional cheerleaders have been calling attention to for years. While cheerleaders are forbidden from any contact with players, players are not banned from contacting or being around cheerleaders. That means that if a player shows up to a restaurant where a cheerleader is dining, the cheerleader has to leave.

Carson Wentz on Tuesday met with the media for the first time since the Philadelphia Eagles won Super Bowl LII with Nick Foles leading the way. Wentz not surprisingly was asked about his recovery from a torn ACL in his left knee and where he is in his rehab. I’m not going into specifics, Wentz said at  NovaCare Complex, where the Eagles are in the process of starting up offseason activities, via NJ.com.

We’ve started running and all those things. I feel good about where I’m at and I’m trying to stay the course. It’s such a fluid process that it’s hard to put a time table on these things. I wish I knew as well. Things are going well and I’m happy with where I’m at … I feel very good. I started the running progression. However many weeks ago I was throwing. Just to start being able to do all of those things is a good sign. Wentz was asked if he expects to be on the field for a Thursday night showdown in Week 1 with the Minnesota Vikings.

That’s the goal, Wentz said. Much has been made of Wentz’s style of play, with the prevailing belief that his aggressive approach opens him up to injury. Wentz made it clear there are no plans to change the way he plays the quarterback position. First of all there will always be speculation, that’s part of the business, but I’m not going to change. I think I’m always going to learn.

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Go behind the scenes of a young Rams fan’s joyful, tearful surprise

Griff, the die-hard Todd Gurley fan who became an overnight sensation when he got surprised with tickets to see the Rams play, is one of the best stories of the week.

The video, uploaded by Griff’s aunt, caught the attention of football fans, the Rams themselves, and even Gurley, who appreciated Griff’s enthusiasm. It’s so great to see kids this excited about seeing sports, and reminds us how much we take seeing a game in person for granted.

Griff’s excitement was ultimately good luck for the Rams and Gurley, and they won in Jacksonville and the star running back rushed for over 100 yards.

The Buccaneers (2-3) lost quarterback Jameis Winston to a right shoulder injury in the second quarter, with the Cardinals (3-3) leading 21-0.

Larry Fitzgerald recovered the onside kick and, with no Tampa Bay timeouts remaining, the Cardinals ran out the clock.

Carson Palmer completed his first 14 passes and finished 18 of 22 for 283 yards and three touchdowns with one interception. Fitzgerald caught 10 passes for 138 yards and a score.

Despite losing to the Steelers on Sunday, the Chiefs are still 5-1, which is still the best record in the AFC and tied for the best record in the NFL with a team they have beaten this season: the Eagles. Still, the manner in which the Steelers handled the Chiefs raises some issues: Will future opponents capably eliminate Kareem Hunt, Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill as impact players as the Steelers did? And why haven’t the Chiefs developed a dependable defensive identity almost halfway through the season? — Adam Teicher

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Agent of Patriots CB Malcolm Butler trying to get client out of New England

Most players are trying to find a way into New England, not out, but Malcolm Butler isn’t most players.

The talented cornerback knows his days with the Patriots are numbered after the team gave a large contract to free agent Stephon Gilmore. Gilmore, another talented CB, was given a $65 million deal over five years, which was the money Butler was hoping to get from the team.

According to CSN New England, Butler is extremely frustrated by the deal given to Gilmore and now wants [a] new home. CBS Sports also reported Butler’s agent is already asking other teams if they are interested in Butler.

It’s just the latest sign of Rose’s resurgence in the baseball world the past couple of years. Banned from baseball in1989 for betting on the game, he’s still ineligible for the Baseball Hall of Fame. But the Reds honored him last season, and he has a high-profile role as an MLB analyst on Fox and FS1.

The Inquirer reports the Phils had to get permission from Major League Baseball to consider Rose for their honor.

While most fans associate Rose with his 19 seasons in Cincinnati, he played five years with the Phillies and helped lead the team to the 1980 world championship.

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